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Hot Boy Summer


"Hotter than a Jalapeño Whataburger with spicy ketchup and Cholula. I'm 110 abso living for this #slay. Puro perra fierce."

—Sandra Cisneros, author of The House on Mango Street


Four gay teens in Texas have the summer of their lives while discovering important truths about realness, belonging, and friendship in this joyful young adult contemporary novel for fans of Adam Silvera and Becky Albertalli.

Mac has never really felt like he belonged. Definitely not at home—his dad’s politics and toxic masculinity make a real connection impossible. He thought he fit in on the baseball team, but that’s only because he was pretending to be someone he wasn’t. Finding his first gay friend, Cammy, was momentous; finally, he could be his authentic self around someone else. But as it turned out, not really. Cammy could be cruel, and his “advice” often came off way harsh.

And then, Mac meets Flor, who shows him that you can be both fierce and kind, and Mikey, who is superhot and might maybe think the same about him. Over the course of one hot, life-changing summer, Mac will stand face-to-face with desire, betrayal, and letting go of shame, which will lead to some huge discoveries about the realness of truly belonging.

Told in Mac’s infectious, joyful, gay AF voice, Hot Boy Summer serves a tale as important as hope itself: four gay teens doing what they can to connect and have the fiercest summer of their lives. New friendships will be forged, hot boys will be kissed…and girl, the toxic will be detoxed.

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"Maybe I can't change my whole but maybe I can change some parts that really need changing, some parts that are really holding me back from the life I deserve to live." —Mac


"Okay, well, maybe we can just listen to this other mix...It's tribal house, fast and heavy fierce, a lotta tambores, and I love it. I thought you might like that for working out. It's one of Nina Flowers's new sets." —Mikey


"I just hope that when I come back, my best friend--the one I know and love, the one I've been through some hard, serious shit with, the one I'm going to the Ariana Grande concert with--I hope he's the one here waiting for me." —Cammy


"Rule number one: Ariana Grande is everything. Rule number two: Valentina is Kween. And rule number three: Loyalty is life. Love is forever. And friends are your family." —Flor

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